Are the Summer Tires a Better Choice Than Getting All-Season Tires?

Today, the crew at Koons Volvo is going to provide our community information about the benefits of switching to summer tires as the warmer weather approaches. Compared to the productivity of all-season tires, the summer tires can help assist with braking, improve cornering, and offer better grip of the road.

The unique tread design of the summer tires enables them to handle better in various road conditions. One, in particular, is wet roads, the groves in the tires push water away from the tires quickly to reduce the chance your car slides on the wet road surface.

The summer tires will have less in the way of grooves, and there is good reason. More tread means more ability to control and stop your car.

The perfect time to replace the all-season tires on your vehicle is today. Bring your car to our service center here at Koons Volvo and our crew will install a new set of summer tires on your car.

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