How Brake Fluid Works

Obviously we all know that brakes are a vital part of our vehicle and serve the very important job of slowing and stopping our vehicle when necessary. However, do many of us know exactly how the braking system works and how brake fluid is utilized in this process?

The brake fluid is the force that moves all the parts that actually apply the braking to the wheels. When the driver presses the brake pedal, the pedal in turn presses the pistons in the brake calipers. The resultant compression causes the brake fluid to move through the brake lines and increases the pressure on the brake pads, which will then squeeze the rotors on the wheels, causing the vehicle to slow down. Sooner or later, the brake fluid can become contaminated from moisture and will then cease to work properly.

If you are experiencing brake problems, bring your vehicle in to our service center at Koons Volvo in Owings Mills, MD, and we will inspect the braking system and identify any possible problems.

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