Classy Styling and Trims on the Volvo V60 Momentum

The V60 Momentum remains a popular option for anyone who loved the station wagons of yesteryear. However, today's sporty mid-sized wagons offer updated styling and design. The Volvo name has long been associated with class and elegance. The vehicles exude simplistic Scandinavian design that aptly expresses elegance. The V60 Momentum is deserving of the reputation.

The overall body features fluid curves and lines. The exterior also boasts a distinctive Volvo grille along with matching roof rails and darkened window trim that compliments tinted windows. The LED headlights feature the exquisite Thor hammer design. The interior comes standard with plush and comfortable leather seats that provide outstanding support for the driver and all of the occupants. When looking for a luxurious family car, make a point to evaluate the new Volvo V60 Momentums at Koons Volvo. Choose your favorite trims, exterior, interior and technological features.

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