How to Know When to Replace Your Tires

As you drive in and around Owing Mills, it may not be immediately obvious that your tires are becoming worn. However, just a single instance of a flat or blown tire will underscore the importance of knowing the condition of your tires.

One effective way to check the tread is to take the "penny test". Simply take a penny with the Lincoln side facing you, then insert the penny into the tread of the tire with the head of Lincoln at the insert point. If the top part of Lincoln's head is not visible, the tread is adequate. If the entire head of Lincoln is visible, the tread is worn and the tire should be replaced.

When it is apparent that you need new tires, stop by our service center at Koons Volvo of Owing Mills and let us take away your worries about driving on worn tires. Your safety is our goal.

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