How are Rear Wheel Drive Engines Mounted?

Car, truck, and SUV engines can mount in vehicle motor compartments in various ways. Quite often, the direction in which the engine points determines which wheels get to drive the vehicle.

Car designers strive to make their vehicles with efficiency in mind, and thus engines are usually mounted in line with parts called differentials. The differentials are special components that transfer torque from drive shafts to wheels. In addition, they are responsible for balancing wheel speeds during turns.

On rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicles, the differentials are usually mounted facing toward the front of the chassis. Thus, on RWD vehicles the engines are usually mounted straight on. Examples include straight-6 and straight-8 motor designs.

This mounting configuration provides many advantages, included increased take-off traction and improved handling. In order to keep these parts working at their top efficiency, it's necessary to have the periodically maintained by skilled transmission and chassis specialists. It just so happens that at our Owing Mills facility we have experienced transmission system technicians who specialize in RWD systems. Come by Koons Volvo of Owing Mills today for a quick conversation.

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