Volvo V90 Exterior Features

The Volvo V90 has been updated for 2019, and now it’s turning heads. The V90 has been ranked third in wagons according to US News & World Report. However, when you look at the V90, you don’t see a wagon, but a sleek phantom-style vehicle that’s designed with elegance and luxury in mind. Volvo has pulled out all the stops to create a truly unique-looking wagon. With multiple color options and upgrades, there’s no end to the possibilities with the V90.

The exterior features on the V90 make it a sleek and sophisticated vehicle with double integrated end pipes, color matched rear diffusers and lots of styling options. You can opt for a color insert that comes in chrome, glossy black, or another body color choice to match your vehicle. There are also a few different ways to model your headlamps and fog lamps as well.

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