4 Spring Car Maintenance Tips

The transition from winter to spring is a crucial time for car maintenance. With warmer weather brings more time on the road and eventually the need to crank up the a/c. We’ve compiled a light of important spring car maintenance tips to make sure your car is ready.

  • If you installed winter tires on your car, you should replace them with all-season tires which are more suited for wet roads. If you are keeping the same tires on, you should get them rotated and check the tire pressure and tread.
  • Thoroughly wash and wax your car. It not only keeps your car looking good, it protects it from damage winter snow, ice, and salt can cause. Don’t forget to wash the undercarriage.
  • Check out your brakes. If you hear and squeaking or grinding noises coming from your brakes you should bring your car in to our service center to get them inspected.
  • Lastly, check the fluids. Important fluids to keep in mind are antifreeze, brake, oil, transmission, and steering. Check your owner’s manual for your cars recommended fluid schedule.
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