Car Battery Service & Replacement: Auto Guide

Is your car battery failing? Flickering lights and slow starts are indicative of a failing battery. If you do have a failing battery, then you can go to an auto parts store to get a check to see how much charge you have left. Picking a new battery really depends on the size and fitment for your vehicle. Amperage, battery-life, and voltage are other factors that you want to consider. In general, the highest priced car batteries will have the most car battery life.

Car batteries tend to die after a few years, but some can last over five years depending on the maker and voltage. Once you decide to replace your battery, you'll need to turn off your car and make sure the charge is neutral before touching the old battery. You want to remove the old battery and recycle appropriately before fitting in the new battery.

Want help replacing your battery? Talk to the experts in our service center here at Koons Volvo located in Owing Mills, MD for the best service and car batteries.

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