Volvo XC40 Crossover Seeks End To In-Car Clutter


The new Volvo XC40 has been designed differently from previous Volvo models because the new Volvo XC40 is a different kind of Volvo.

Volvo engineers and designers have taken a no-holes-barred approach when developing the new XC40 SUV. Even though it will include the upscale feel and quality usually associated with Volvo cars and SUVs, the new XC40 will also be a new Volvo unlike any other Volvo released in the past.

The first step in creating a new Volvo was to start with a blank page. Volvo Cars' customer research team then spend considerable time trying to figure out how people who live in cities use their car every day and how they make use of any in-car storage they have. The result? People used cupholders for phones or trash, often stored tissues, and often lacked a good place to store their laptops and other electronics. Volvo seeks to change that on the XC40. The Swedish automaker has included many new novel storage solutions like under-seat storage for tablets and a fold-away hook in the glove compartment for grocery bags or totes.

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